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From: Dave Roberts/ToneTail E-Mail: dnrts@dslextreme.comDate: 1/8/06, 11:40 PM
I would like to send Mr.Gibbons some ToneTail Tailpieces.
Dave Roberts
From: ZorryE-Mail: gaisarn_57@hotmail.comDate: 1/8/06, 2:43 PM
According to the new album, I hope they make new songs that they can play live, so they can skip some of the old, and now very boring, songs.  
From: graham ogleE-Mail: ogles.oxford@ntlworld.comDate: 1/8/06, 11:48 AM
when is that lil' ol' band from Texas gonna come back to that lil' ol' backwoods country named the Yooo-nited King -dum, the ones that gave U the finest language in the world can have!  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/8/06, 10:41 AM
STVJ 3of6etc.+1&2adfpoi{-_-}  
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/8/06, 1:05 AM
Maybe "A Fan...not Likely" needs a little recent history lesson.

In the past 10 years, ZZ Top has put out three albums of new material (Rhythmeen-1996, XXX-1999, Mescalero-2003).

As a group and individually, they've also done approximately five tours (counting mini tour), had two weddings, two major medical emergencies, one book, approximately ten guest appearances (on other people's recordings), one movie score, several TV appearances, and two major compilations (of their music recorded prior to 1994).

That's more than any other band of their status (Stones, U2) and as much or more than most bands significantly younger.

To top it all off, they're recording another album of--get this--NEW MATERIAL right now.

Get yer facts straight before you spout off at the mouth.

Good Vibes to y'all

Matthew Wayne Abney
6, etc. +1..and Armadillo 2!  
From: A fanE-Mail: Not likelyDate: 1/7/06, 10:40 PM
ZZ TOP needs to make and or do new stuff,And not release stuff thats just songs they already did on other releases.  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/7/06, 5:45 PM
Great weather here in Tulsa today..Even better with the sweeet sounds of ZZ TOP as background music!!
STVJ 3of6etc.+1&2adfpoi{-_-}  
From: jerry adam belvin jrE-Mail: jerrybelvin@bellsouth.netDate: 1/7/06, 5:07 PM
im 40 years old was looking on internet and found this web site i have been a zztop fan since 1973 when i first heard rock and roll zztop was the first record i listen to and have not stopped since saw there concert in asheville north carolina tryed too get too meet them in person would love too meet you and have my picture taking with you. p.s.trying too get all your cds. please keep playing music. your #1 fan jerry belvin  
From: potzzE-Mail: potzz1@aol.comDate: 1/7/06, 9:33 AM
this is the year when zz top will become even more popular than ever. alot of the young kids are now tired of this thing called rap and like bob seager sang give me that old time rock and roll! how do i know? my nephew wanted to know what i listen to when i was young, first thing i pulled out was zz tres hombres and he was amazed not only at zz, but many of the artist of the time. his favorite is zz like his young uncle of 48 but his friends asks me if so so was good. thanks zz and the musicians of the mid 60's to the late 70's. makes me feel good that the kids are talking to me not only about the music but as teenagers the struggles they go through school! its strange that they tell me they have alot of respect for me, what they dont realize i have alot of repect for them just to take the courage to talk to a adult. in closing zz, and the posters have a wonderful year, peace robert lavergne  
From: JR EwingE-Mail: sveeton@yahoo.comDate: 1/6/06, 9:06 PM
I've been searching for ZZ's first album-Afterburner video footage and t-shirts. Can U help me? I grew up in Tejas and have been listening to ZZ since the 4th grade and I'm now 32 yrs old. I bought BFG's new book and want more vintage. There has got to be heyday footage with "Pearly Gates." All the things I had as a kid are too small or deteriorated. Please help. Hint hint: A vintage DVD of that infamous BBQ would be nice!


El Diablo Blanco
JR Ewing
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/6/06, 8:58 PM
Alls I can say is,WOW!
STVJ 3of6etc.+1&2adfpoi{-_-}  
From: DeezerE-Mail: deezer1986@yahoo.comDate: 1/6/06, 7:30 PM
Billy also added his string prowess and deep and groovy voice to Nickelback's newest, on the songs Follow You Home and Rockstar. Very cool. Plus, the cd itself is pretty kickin' too.

deezer5of6ect. +1 and the Armadillo 2  
From: Brice DelageE-Mail: www.chuggachuggamusic.comDate: 1/6/06, 7:28 PM
A lil' more info about this :

The Cellar Dwellers Bad Day - Call (Steffek 1921) 7inch (1965)

The Warlocks Another Year - Poor Kid (Ara 1015) 7inch (1965)
mit Lady Wilde If You Really Want Me To Stay - Good Time Trippin' (Ara 1017) 7inch (1966)
Splash Day - Life's A Misery (Paradise 1021) 7inch (1966)

Last year I found a track called "Drambuie" by The Coachmen. Someone here told me it was a track by Billy's pre Sidewalks band. But, as I do not recognize Billy's voice and guitar on it, and as another band called "The Coachmen" exists...
does anybody here have the final word ?

Friendly From France
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/6/06, 2:03 PM
Thanks, This Just In! (man that was quick!)

Now, does anyone know where I could get some copies of those two singles?

Armadillo 2  
From: Correction from This JustinE-Mail: This JustinDate: 1/6/06, 10:59 AM
That little tidbit wasn't from, it was from the following link. Interesting reading...  
From: This JustinE-Mail: This JustinDate: 1/6/06, 10:46 AM
This just in from

1966: The Warlocks recorded two singles : one for Ara and one for another even more obscure Paradise  
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/6/06, 10:42 AM
Did Dusty's band the Warlocks ever make any recordings and where can you get them?

I have heard some American Blues recordings before, but never anything by the Warlocks. I'm assuming the Warlocks would have had a less psychedelic sound--does anyone know?


6, etc +1...and Armadillo 2!  
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobalDate: 1/6/06, 10:31 AM

Just as UT has returned to glory after a long drought, 2006 is going to be a great year for another great Texas institution--ZZ Top.

Two of the early albums are going to be re-released on CD with the proper mixes (and bonus trackzz, no less!), Billy got hitched and the boyzz are working on a new album...

Hopefully a tour is in the works (mini or maxi, I really don't care, as long as they come to D/FW) and the rest of the Six Pack will be "de-Six Pack'd" with bonus tracks as well. That would keep a lot of us happy for quite a while.

One other thing--it's going to be cool to see how the next album comes out, especially with Billy attaching himself to so many artists/bands with differing styles. Case in point:
Never ever ever (ever) did I think of Billy as a BB King-style guitarist, but it was fun figuring out who was playing what on "Tired of Your Jive"--they blended and weaved licks (just like Keith & Ronnie) smoothly. BFG even played it UN-FUZZY (clean shaven guitar?).
Then as a massive contrast, the Rev laid down some mighty ruff & tuff scratches with the QOTSA and Les Paul.

Is another style change (like the difference between Fandango & Tejas vs. Deguello & El Loco) coming? Has the era of Fuzzy Guitar ended? No matter what they do, it's gonna be good and I can't wait!

Good Vibes to Y'all!

Matthew Wayne Abney
the Screamin' Armadillos
Fiesta Red Recording Artists

6, etc. +1...and Armadillo 2!  
From: DirkE-Mail: letzzboogie@web.deDate: 1/6/06, 10:20 AM
Little mishap on the link, sorry!

From: DirkE-Mail: letzzboogie@web.deDate: 1/6/06, 10:19 AM
Hey ya´ll,

I came across these pics that NASA put together as the most impressive made in 2005. They really are. Please check the link above.

My favourite ones are Sunset on Mars and the Sombrero Galaxy.

Maybe a - to us - not so alien Martian gets a kick out of those pics from home as well.

From Essen / Germany / Earth

From: Vicki V!E-Mail: goo ga`joobDate: 1/6/06, 5:29 AM
...typo correction: really, and...
just somehow prolifique....kisses!  
From: Vicki V!E-Mail: .....koo koo ka choo!Date: 1/6/06, 5:10 AM
....Yes I agree, we need wedding photos to confirm the reality of the event....even honeymoon pics, just to add to MY collection of the nude (and very non kaballah or any sect of the judaism religion worshipping) Mr G...ah haw haw haw...hmm, But doesn't realy matter.....making of the most of this life nad enjoying every inch of it does!.....So just get it on, and smile.....Cheese!  
From: Wilfried EhlertE-Mail: Wilfried.Ehlert@victoria.deDate: 1/6/06, 3:52 AM
Hallo Billy,Dusty u. Frank
ich lebe in Leipzig und bin seit Eurem Auftritt im Rockpalast in Deutschland ein Fan Eurer sagen-
haften Musik. Wann kann ich Euch wieder live in
Deutschland erleben.Ich bin seit langem auf der Suche nach einem Schlüsselanhänger von Euch, konnte im Katalog allerdings keinen finden.Teilt
mir doch bitte mit wie und wo ich Ihn bekommen kann.Macht's gut Euer treuer Fan Wilfried  
From: Dick BobaE-Mail: dickboba@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/5/06, 8:06 PM
Are ZZ-top UT football fans? Allow me to quote "In an event that tried to be a rock-style Willie Nelson Picnic, the group was the featured headliner in the "Rompin' and Stompin' Barndance and Barbecue," held in Austin on Labor Day, September 1, 1974. Appearing with them before a crowd of 80,000 was San Francisco legend Bill Graham, Santana, Joe Cocker and Bad Company making its U.S. debut. This was ZZ Top's first concert in which they were seen as more than just a Texas act. It was the biggest concert in Austin's history, and the last to be held in Memorial Stadium on the University of Texas Campus for another twenty years. The stadium had been trashed by concert-goers, who had suffered from the heat and lack of food, water and toilets." SO......ZZtop has an allegiance to UT like no other...
From: Rhythm AceE-Mail: Don't got oneDate: 1/5/06, 4:52 PM
We want wedding pictures, we want wedding pictures, we want wedding pictures!

That enough? OK....ya got the message. I'll shuddup now.

4of6,etc+1 and Armadillo 2
Someone call the doctor, I think I'm gonna crash!

From: FrancheesyE-Mail: wheredoigonow 2003@yahoo.comDate: 1/5/06, 3:11 PM
I happened to come across this interview of Billy on a public radio show called Sound Opinions. It's not bad. Billy says some cool stuff about the orgin of his hat which has probably been heard before but it's still a good story. He doesn't play any songs, unfortunately.

Here's a link to the show. The interview with Billy starts around 14 min into the show.

Here's a link to download and MP3 soundoponchicagopubradio/SoundOpsPod8.mp3

or to stream:

You Texans put on a great game last night.

Take care,

Frank in Chicago, IL  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/5/06, 2:19 PM
STVJ 3of6etc.+1&2adfpoi{-_-}  
From: BigJim&theTwinsE-Mail: youdaman.comDate: 1/5/06, 11:47 AM
Congtrats to all the Texans for a great game. I'm sure Screamin' Armadillo, WMW, and the rest of the state have a smile THIS BIG. I wonder if the boyzz are football fanzz too. I guess they gotta be, I ain't met a Texan yet that didn't like football.

TornadoandTrojan2of6etc...+1 and the Longhorn fan too
From: DaveE-Mail: tommad@hotmail.comDate: 1/5/06, 9:04 AM
I';ve ben listening to this band since I graduated from high-school in Houston (1972). My vinyl-albums were just about worn out, so I decided to start replacing them with cd....NOT A GOOD IDEA! I picked-up Tres Hombres and can NOT believe how the album was remixed: echoey, terrible techno-drums, different vocals... altogether a BAD release. PLEASE, guys, have the originals re-released as they should be!  
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/5/06, 1:42 AM
Congratulations to the Newlywedzz!!

May you have many years of wedded bliss and happiness.

Armadillo 2  
From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/5/06, 1:40 AM
A thing of beauty: watching Vince Young walk into the end zone (in an upright position), with 19 seconds left on the clock. A cherry on top of the thing of beauty: the first National Championship in 35 years for the University of Texas. The best part of the whole shooting match: final proof that you better not mess with Texas!

USC played the better game, and I wouldn't want to have to try it again, because the outcome would probably be different. But the stars at night, are big and bright--DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!

Thanks also to Marvin for officially issuing me a number!

Good Vibes to Y'all!!

Matthew Wayne Abney
6, etc. +1...and Armadillo 2!

Guitar/Slide Guitar/Harp/Vox
the Screamin' Armadillos
Fort Worth, Tejas  
From: WJLE-Mail: N/ADate: 1/4/06, 10:06 PM
Hope the new year is good for the boyz. My new girlfriend gave me Billy's book for x-mas. I have read it and there is some cool stuff in it. Only hot, blue, and righteous girlz do stuff like that. Just sittin' here in Manitoba, Canada with the white stuff all around thinkin' about stuff and of course THE band. Later dudes......WJL  
From: RyanE-Mail: laughzz@shaw.caDate: 1/4/06, 9:44 PM
Hey webmaster Willy?!?! Will any pics or official info of Billy's wedding be posted to the site?
Ryan, ZZ Biggest Canadian Fan! ;)  
From: CJE-Mail: cjsp81@hotmail.comDate: 1/4/06, 9:13 PM
add to email list  
From: Louise RichterE-Mail: laugh4me@ptd.netDate: 1/4/06, 7:42 PM
I got the word, too. Now, let's pray for a long and happy life together for the newlyweds. And, somebody get some pictures up! Etc of 6,+2, etc.  
From: Dj DaveE-Mail: I QUIT @ 4:20 fmDate: 1/4/06, 7:34 PM
I just got word from lofimama on an official wedding statement concerning Billy and Gilligan:

Only the very best to the Gibbons......

From: monsterfingerBawbE-Mail: rangerbadger @myrealbox.comDate: 1/4/06, 6:37 PM
just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2006! sent off my amazon gift certificate from Christmas [belated Merry Christmas to all Topsters out there!] for Billy's Gearhead book today, along with a selection from the late, great, HST--

when y'all comin' 'round to pensacola, florida, again?  
From: Richard RamseyE-Mail: rramsey@wpms.netDate: 1/4/06, 4:54 PM
Is yo head in Mississippi?
The doors are always open in Wolf's hometown!

The Howlin' Wolf Blues Society
West Point, Mississippi
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/4/06, 2:35 PM
That's Right! My money's on the happy couple though!If they're in the crowd,they will be right up front smilin' for the cameras..OR,up in the VIP section sippin' champagne.Whatcha think?
I hear what the Armadillo's sayin' as well!Although Billy's the front man,it's nice to keep up with Dust and Frank too!I been wundren if them boys of Franks have made him a Grandpa yet..What with all them purdy young wimmins down that way,how do they keep from knockin'up one or two of 'em??
STVJ 3of6etc.+1&2adfpoi{-_-}
From: DaveE-Mail: dpadgett@Samson.comDate: 1/4/06, 12:52 AM
3 OT's will be ok, as long as Texas WINS!!!!

Hey what do you know I spelled everything right this time!!!!  
From: Dj DaveE-Mail: NOT@4:20fmanymoreDate: 1/4/06, 10:50 AM
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 to everyone !!!

Tonight is the National Championship College Football game with USC and TEJAS. I would almost bet..almost bet...that Billy and the Mrs. may be at the big game since they have a place in California and Tejas is playing. Just a guess on my part. How about 3 OT's tonight to decide the winner !!!

Only the very best to all,
1 of 6 etc + 1 & armadillo 2 (marvin issued #)

From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/4/06, 9:29 AM

We've seen (and heard) a lot from Billy lately, but does anybody know what Dusty & Frank are up to, outside of recording RCA5?

All of the boyzz have always kept a low profile, but besides Dusty's health and recent nuptials, we haven't heard anything from the tightest, tuffest rhythm section in the world.

And I agree...we do need to see some honeymoon pics, at least of Gilligan! (No offense, Billy, but I don't even like to see myself nekkid).

Good Vibes to Y'all and Congratulations to the (maybe) newlyweds!

Matthew Wayne Abney
6, etc. +1...and the Armadillo, too!  
From: Pop-tartE-Mail: In the toasterDate: 1/4/06, 8:08 AM
Who says we don't need honeymoon pictures?  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/3/06, 9:20 PM
Count me in!But then you know,those "little" casino venues must have at least 20 thousand tickets available..and then another 5 to 10 SRO,if held outdoors...If you book it,they will come!!
STVJ 3of6etc.+1 and Armadillo 2!adfpoi{-_-}
From: JosiE-Mail: josephine_brauner@gmx.deDate: 1/3/06, 5:50 PM
ups... didn't know that this would be the message on here already..
anyways: I am a 19year old girl from Germany and I got the very best of CD for my 18th birthday. Ever since I am a very big ZZ-Top fan! I would love to see those long bearded old rockers live in concert! Will there be a chance that they come to Germany again???? My biggest ream would be to see them play "Just got paid today","Brown Sugar","I'm Bad I'm Nationwide"...etc... you see I could list a lot of songs here.....Love you guys and keep on rocking!!!! smootchie  
From: JosiE-Mail: josephine_brauner@gmx.deDate: 1/3/06, 5:45 PM
I just love listening to the cool sounds of ZZ-Top  
From: TylerE-Mail: actingmon_007@yahoo.comDate: 1/3/06, 1:58 PM
When will the bands individual sites be up? I thought they were supposed to be done summer of 05'..........  
From: BigJim&theTwinsE-Mail: let'sdoitagain.comDate: 1/3/06, 12:22 AM
Happy New Year Scrawlers!!!

Nice to see some of the 6etc...+2 in fine form.

WMW - any chance of geting us some pics of Billys wedding? We don't need honeymoon pics. hahaha

Looks like 2006 is going to start out pretty good with re-releases of Three (Wise) Men and Fandango next month We still have a long way to go from there, hopefully some live goodies in the summer. I think they might do a mini tour (aka Casino Tour) this year if to try out some of their new stuff they're preparing in the studio. Let's wait and see.

TornadoandTrojan2of6etc...+1 and the Longhorn fan too
From: apostolis-rock-poserE-Mail: beteraNOS@mail.grDate: 1/3/06, 8:08 AM
(i don't speake good english)please come in greece.i want to see you!!!i want it so much.pleaseeee!!!i want you pleaseee
From: michaelE-Mail: www.edemeister1@aol.comDate: 1/3/06, 6:19 AM
happy new year to all zztop fans of the world
i hope to see zztop 2006 to europe on tour

From: Screamin' ArmadilloE-Mail: screamin-armadillo@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/2/06, 9:34 PM
Kinda old news, but if you haven't heard it, go get the BB King & Friends "80" CD. Track two--"Tired of Your Jive", showing the Right Reverend in fine (and rare) form--Billy playing guitar with no FUZZ! Tiny amounts of overdrive, but BB's guitar parts are dirtier than BFG's! And the fine vocal interplay is interesting as well--check it out!

Good Vibes to Y'all!

(...and Hook 'em Horns!)

Matthew Wayne Abney
6, etc. +1...and the Armadillo, too!  
From: Jean CointeE-Mail: direction@cointe.frDate: 1/2/06, 4:45 PM
Hey guys ,

somebody said me that zz top will be on tour in Europe this year or in 2007 : Everybody can tell me about these rumors ?
My dream is to listen "la Grange" live !
thank you for your comments

From: Louise RichterE-Mail: laugh4me@ptd.netDate: 1/2/06, 2:32 PM
Has anyone heard or seen anything about the nuptials of the year 2005? I'm keeping both eyes on the newspapers, and far, nothing has been said or shown. Not even on the classic rock station WZZO, Allentown! Whatever the case may be, this is one girl that wants to see some pictures!! The bride? Nothing less than gorgeous. The groom? Ahh..I'll hold out until I SEE him. Happy New Year-especially the 6's, etc. +2. Louise/ Toothfairy/ Etc. of 6, etc.  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/2/06, 1:22 PM
A little rain didn't stop the Parade of Roses,or the Parade of Pancho's?LOL
Hope everyone is feeling FINE after the Holidays festivities..Once the Marvelous one returns from the honeymoon,the BOYZZ will be back to work on that DYNO-MYTE creation that'll truly be a work of art..
STVJ 3of6etc.+1and Armadillo too!adfpoi{-_-}  
From: Beth AnnE-Mail: lil'redwagon@hotmailDate: 1/2/06, 12:50 AM
From: ADAMS LUJANE-Mail: nieblapurpura 1/2/06, 11:20 AM
happy new years 2006!!!


I started as a rock musician playing in children's charity dining rooms and in every place where people was in need of a helping hand and, for this reason, although you don't understand what we are saying, we try to send a clear and hopeful message to every young
person at every moment by passing solidarity and friendship...

A big hug from Adams and the whole staff from "Purple Haze"/Niebla Púrpura.


coming soon, special of ALVIN LEE, JACK BRUCE, Z Z TOP live!!!
Producer general, music and conducer:

From: jamesE-Mail: wtzod@yahoo.comDate: 1/2/06, 9:40 AM
The New Ministry Album will be called Rio Grande Blood. Unless you know what Ministry is, be afraid be very afraid.  
From: Neil PattersonE-Mail: 1/2/06, 3:21 AM
Hey guys!
Greetings from the UK. Can't wait to get ahold of Billy's new book.Keep on rockin boys.
Oh yeah...a Happy New Year to everyone out there too!  
From: danE-Mail: doubleplayguy@yahoo.comDate: 1/1/06, 9:49 PM
what year and make of car is on the eliminator album  
From: Stevie JayE-Mail: STVJ@sbcglobal.netDate: 1/1/06, 9:28 PM
Congrats to the newlyweds..Will a link be posted for those of us such as the one for Dust and Chuck's wedding?
Life IS good,Live it like there's no tomorrow!
STVJ 2006

STVJ 3of6etc.+1&Pancho too!adfpoi{-_-}  
From: Lazy RiderE-Mail: zzaces@excite.comDate: 1/1/06, 7:44 PM
Happy New Year to ya-all !
Lookin' forward to more of that sizzlin' rank squank and thumpin' thunder from the three kings of blooze drenched, rockin', boogie-woogie....ZZ TOP.
Same three guys, same three chords, same three beats...same red hot cha-cha! Let 'er rip, boys...I'll be there.  
From: commanderE-Mail: info@boogiestuff.comDate: 1/1/06, 3:53 AM
HAPPY NEW YEAR, stay in the groove!  


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